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Hiiii pals!! Welcome to my small home page on the World Wide Web!

What is FloppyFox?

I'm just a stinky old fox that's living in the past. I don't get kids these days, they're weirdos. I do like the noses, and all things about noses. The ears are very nice too. I am past middle aged, very grey now. Even the nose is turning Atari ST grey. Pleased to meet you!

Electronics Projects

A fox oozes and secretes various things. I hope you find these things beautiful!

You and you alone are responsible for anything you build from this site. Use common sense. There may or may not be errors.

Classic Computing

SnargeBarger 8 - Self-Build Amiga Sampler

Amiga MIDI Adapter Self-Build

ReflashKick Amiga Flash Kickstart In-System Re-Programmer

Useful circuits for 9-pin monitors and SCART (Commodore/Atari/Philips etc.)

5V Over-Voltage Protection Circuit (for classic computers etc.)

Amiga 1000 Parallel Port Adapter - use A500/A1200/etc. devices on the A1000

Amiga TechnoSound Turbo Sampler Schematic (reverse-engineered) - uses obsolete chip so build this instead

Amiga 500 PSU schematic, light SMPS version (reverse-engineered)

Taxan Multivision 775 multi-sync monitor modifications and schematics

Van Life

Automatic Lithium Battery BMS Cooling Fan Controller: for any BMS

Chinese Diesel Heater Safe Shut-Down on BMS Disconnect

Add an infrared remote control to a (newish) Kenwood car stereo

Contact-less low coolant alarm (detect loss of engine anti-freeze without drilling into header tank)

Ham Radio

Xiegu G90 Computer Audio I/O Cable


Apple MagUnsafe: replace dangerous Macbook Magsafe 1/2 with proper barrel jack

Use an Apple Macbook Charger Brick as a Normal 16-20V 4A Power Supply

Wet Nose Detect 9000: detect water leaks and sound an alarm

Information and guides for your pleasure!

Classic Computing

A Lay-Person's Introduction to the Amiga's Hardware

Synthesizer Stuff

VCOs, DCOs, DGOs - types of synthesiser oscillator compared

Roland JV/XV/Integra7 Sample ROM Format (reverse-engineered)

Amiga vs Fairlight CMI - the Amiga is a low-cost Fairlight?

Van Life

Greywater Recycling Into Drinking Water: last all week on one tank of water!

Power calculator for camper van conversions: size battery, solar, DC-DC charger based on your needs

How to use the funny Chinese diesel heater controller

Building a Lithium Battery (LFP/LiFePO4) For Van Life: and why you should!

Ham Radio

The End-Fed Dipole Antenna (aka Horizontal Flowerpot)

Debunking Common Misconceptions

Headphone impedance and ohms ratings: why lower is not "easier to drive"

Things gamers get wrong - all sorts of little things they keep spouting


Don't Get Your Child a PS5 for Christmas: Get Them This...

Unusual Amusement Rides

Adventures in Trepanning: my health journey


A fox oozed and secreted some music over the past 30 years. It is formed in the mouldy fox studio with a 16 track tape recorder and a lot of blood. It is not formed with AI at present. But one has had a good run and understands it will be time to give way to AI soon.

Shockwave Blast - Breakbeat Hardcore / UK Rave

I wrote this for this video (warning: Youtube link) produced for my good pal Sniff. It is all about the coming nuclear strike on the United Kingdom! Heed the warnings in the music closely.

Howl to reach it?

It can be reached in the Telegram computer program as @FloppyFox. It can also be reached over HF radio by prior appointment. It is not available by electronic mail, telex or fax at present. You can also check it out on the FurAffinity Web Site.

My Furry Pals!

Diego and Sniff Coyote

Mikeus Wolf (warning: Furaffinity link)

Maurice Rat

Best viewed in AWeb at 640x512 in 256 colours and with a fast 14400 modem. Always looking forward, never back!

My views are my own! Amazing I have to say that these days. Outside sources are not my responsibility.

Unplug the computer. Carry it into the kitchen. PUT IT IN THE FUCKING BIN.
Children should not be on the internet. Heck, most adults shouldn't be either.

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